Is your product not ready for Product Hunt yet?

It only takes one premature hunt to fail a launch.
Don't Hunt Me lets you build in public worry-free without getting hunted 🙌

Install Don't Hunt Me

How it works

Don't Hunt Me displays a popup on your website to let Hunters know you are not ready!

It detects users coming from Product Hunt and redirects them back after a few seconds.

And hopefully, the Product Hunt Team will not feature your product 🤗
Click here to see a demo

Ask your users nicely 🙏

It might not be very effective. Well, it might even have the opposite effect.😬
But you can also ask to not hunt your product with a small banner!

You can easily add a "Please don't hunt me" ribbon in one of your corner. On click on the ribbon, a popup will explain thats their hunt will be blocked.
The ribbon is optional. Use it with caution.


Popup & Ribbon
Corner: Top-right Bottom-right Bottom-left Top-left

1. Copy and paste this code snippet before the </body> of the website you are working on.

2. Add ?ref=producthunt after your website url and load it.
Like this

3. Do you see the Don't Hunt Me popup? Yes?
Nice, it's working 🎉

Tip ✨: If you use a tag manager, you can add the script using a custom html tag 👍 Some ad blocker will block it though 😕

Do you prefer to implement this yourself? Find the source code on github

Made by @marcantoinefon based on a idea of the community